Latest Biore Sunscreen with the LIGHTEST TEXTURE

Sunscreen is my best friend. I do not go a day without it and when I do, I apply a generous amount to my skin (around the size of a 20 cent coin). Because when you don’t, you are actually not getting the right amount of coverage that the sunscreen should provide. And that’s when I want to look out for a sunscreen that can give me maximum protection while being light-weight and easily absorbed without any greasiness.

Biore’s lastest sunscreen is da bomb. After the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Mousse which I’ve previously purchased and reviewed, they have now come out with a newer improved version called the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Water Base sunscreen. Now I’m not saying this because I am sponsored, but because I really really do love the new texture of the sunscreen! It is even BETTER than the older version!

The latest sunscreen also has a SPF of 50+ PA+++, which provides good UVA and UVB protection. Just like the older version, this one also contains Hyaluronic Acid & Citrus extract (orange, grapefruit and lemon) to keep skin hydrated and healthy.  It has a unique Aqua Micro Capsule that releases moisture upon application, leaving skin with  a cool, light feeling.

As compared to the older version, this one comes out in a creamy texture yet FEELS LIKE NOTHING on the skin.

Upon spreading, the “cream” turns into watery texture which feels good on the skin.

Other than a cooling feeling left on the skin, there’s no evidence of me applying sunscreen AT ALL. It is NOT GREASY, NOT SHINY, NOT STICKY AT ALL. I am quite awed by it.

The only down point is that it contains Alchohol, so if you are allergic to Alchohol, you might want to avoid using this. After looking through the ingredient lists, I see no sight of physical filters such as Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, hence I would say that this is a chemical sunscreen. Chemical Sunscreen can be irritating to sensitive skins than physical sunscreen. However, I did not encounter any problem using this sunscreen.

At $18.90, this is a pretty affordable sunscreen with maximum protection yet feels like nothing on the skin. I would recommend it to anybody who is on a tight budget!

1. Always apply 1/4 teaspoon of the sunscreen for maximum coverage.
2. Don’t depend on your foundation/BB cream for sunscreen protection. They are just not enough.
3. For chemical sunscreen, always apply 20 to 30 mins BEFORE you step out of the house.
4. Always remove sunscreen with a makeup remover!!

*Item is sponsored but all opinions are mine and honest. 


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