Faves Beauty Products – I’ve just hit the pan!

As everyone may know by now, I’m constantly trying out new products, to the point that sometimes you might wonder do I ever finish up what I was using? Honestly, I would try my very best to finish up the products I buy or sponsored to me. Because a penny spent should not be a penny wasted. And hitting the pan seems like a really good accomplishment! And this can only happen when the products are REALLY GOOD.

Recently, three of my most raved products have hit the pan!
From left to right – Marc Anthony Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Soothing Blow Dry Cream, Diora Keratherapy Keratin Infused Argan Oil, Ciracle Powder Wash

The Blow Dry Cream is something which I got for my frizzy hair ever since my keratin was completely washed out from my hair. I applied a 20 cents amount of the cream to my entire hair starting from the roots before I blow dry my hair. This product claims to transform curly or straight frizzy hair into smooth, frizz-free styles with shine.

And OH.MY.GOD, this has since then became my holy grail product. It removes up to 70% of my frizz and protect my hair from humidity. Whenever I use it, my hair looks so much better and feels softer as well. However, your hair will be weighed down if you use too much of the product. It happened to me a few times when I applied too much. :p

Diora Keratherapy Argan Oil needs no introduction in my blog. I cannot believe that I actually used up the argan oil. This has not happened before. Usually hair oils are the products that will never be used up. It is light-weight and not oily, helps give my hair the shine it needed.

As for the Ciracle Powder Wash, it is suitable for sensitive, greasy and dry skin due to its soft cleansing material and natural anti-inflammation ingredients. (Ciracle is a Korean Brand)

The first powder wash I’ve tried was Fancl and it was a good experience except that I find the bottle a tad too small. This was the second powder wash I’ve tried. As compared to Fancl, Ciracle’s powder are coarser but it doesn’t matter as I still have to rub it against my palm with a little water to foam it up. The end texture for both is a very foamy wash that feels good on the skin.

While Fancl washing powder is good, I feel that it only gives my skin a good cleanse. But for Ciracle, the claims that were stated on the bottle scores more points. It seems to be an ideal wash for my combi, sensitive, congested yet dehydrated skin. It also contains Vitamin C to brighten up my complexion.

All in all, I’ve re-purchased the two hair products and I’m definitely re-purchasing the ciracle powder wash once I’m done with my current Biore Face Wash.

*All products are purchased and not sponsored. 


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