Jay Chou’s Restaurant

One of the most sumptuous meal I had in Taiwan was in Jay Chou’s restaurant. The place was quite big, and nicely decorated with Xmas deco as it was the Xmas season. Jay Chou’s songs were playing in the background as well!

The pretty piano in the restaurant which got everyone excited.

Sign board that reads “do not play the piano, or you will be sent back to twenty years ago.” lol.

Everyone’s checking out the menu except for J who seems pretty alert when the shutter goes! haha!


The cake section!

The meal wasn’t cheap but it was really SATISFYING!!
Like my friend said, “此生无遗憾!”

I ordered the steak with wine sauce. I LOVE IT!!

My meal includes a slice of cake. Not a just a small slice but it was HUGE SLICE!! I forgot to take a picture so this was just a tiny bit of the huge slice. lol.

Everything was in a hugeee portion and that makes it worth the trip and money.

All of us!!

Awww…I miss Taiwan (and my furry Uniqlo jacket)!!


6 thoughts on “Jay Chou’s Restaurant

  1. Reading this entry of yours brings back good old memories back in Taiwan.. And now we’re like birds trapped inside cage:( Can’t wait to get this over and done w! Lol😄

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