Review: Dasoda Eyeliner and Concealor

It’s long weekend all thanks to Good Friday!! How are you girls enjoying the long weekend? I’m going to take a day’s off from work and recharge my battery before I start to do my work again. As my boss said, we need to learn how to manage energy instead of time. And when we do that, we’ll find that we are able to accomplish more things in the end and of course feel happier.

Check out my FOTD!
Base Makeup: Za Two Way Cake Foundation (One of my everyday to go foundation that I always use)
Eyebrow: K Palette Liquid
Eyeliner: Dasoda Liquid Liner (Sponsored by Sasa)
Mascara: Heroine Make Long + Volume
Blusher: Za in Strawberry

Today’s focus will be on my eyes! I have received Dasoda’s products some time back and I haven’t really got down to writing it as I wasn’t really sure how I felt towards them. You know sometimes you get some products and you felt that they are okay but just not for you?

The Dasoda Liquid Liner isn’t the most pigmented liner that I’ve used, but they are definitely smooth enough to draw on my eyes and the black is of enough intensity on the eyes.

It is said to be water proof that can resist sebum, tears and water. HOWEVER, it is definitely not smudge proof. With a slight rub, the liner came off easily. I also find that it doesn’t dry fast. When I place my curler near the roots of my lashes, some of my liner came off and I have to re-draw.

The good thing about this liner is that I can wing it easily as the brush tip isn’t too thick.

I would give this liner a 7/10, but it doesn’t beat my holy grail liner definitely!

The next item is a liquid concealor that can double up as a highlighter as well. I have good experience using L’oreal’s magique pen and was wondering how it would fare against that.

The concealor dispenses out with a click. But when it is brand new, I had to literally click a hundred times before anything comes out. Initially I thought mine was faulty until I found out that a fellow blogger, Herine,  also experience the same thing!

I like the texture and the coverage but NOT THE COLOUR! As you can tell, it is way off my original skin colour. This is too yellow for my skintone. I’m a Mac NW20, Za PO10/Za21.

When I apply it on my skin, I look like I have discoloration.

So despite it being a good product, this is not for me.
I rate it a 6/10.

Dasoda’s products are of okay standard just not for me.
You can check them out at Sasa!

Thanks for reading and HAPPY HOLIDAY! 🙂 


(Dasoda products are sponsored by Sasa but all opinions are mine and honest.)


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