Affordable and good hand cream!

Remember the Konjac sponges that I introduced you girls about? I’ve been religiously using it and I really love it as it helps me to reduce the clog pores I have. Recently the same shop Onetwospree sent me some items for review and I’m finally here to talk about it!! 🙂

They very kindly sent me Holika Holika’s Honey Sleeping pack and Mom’s Nagging Mini Doll Peach Hand Cream.

The Mom’s Nagging Mini Doll Peach Hand Cream is my favourite item from the two!! Firstly, I really like the packaging. It is so cute and have received many instagram likes when I posted it.

The cream comes out in a very pale pink colour (sorry if it doesn’t look like pale pink here) and it smells great! Not too heavy, just light enough for everyday use.

The texture is a little bit rubbery but really smooth. It gets absorbed into the skin pretty fast as well! It doesn’t leave stickiness as well.  I use it every night and my hands stay moisturized throughout the night despite me sleeping in an air-conditioned room.

I really love this handcream and would rate it an 8/10! It will not be suitable for really dry skin though.

Get it here
Retailing at $4.90 now!! So affordable!!

Holika Holika Honey Sleeping Pack contains 20% Acerola and 20% honey.

Acerol Honey contains Vitamin C, minerals and sugar to fully energize the skin.

It really smells like real honey and we all know honey’s good for the skin. It makes a great exfoliant, making it easier to shed dead skin cells. It also help to increase elasticity and helps to balance out oily skin. Acerola on the other hand, is rich in anti-oxidant . Together, this mask can help improve rough skin texture, dissolve dead skin cells and increase elasticity!

This sleeping pack is heavier than the one I’m currently using (Naruko’s raw job tears). It is also stickier. I don’t like the feeling of this product on my skin. I find it too heavy for my skin. And besides that, I think 20% of honey is too little?

I will rate it a 5/10.

Get it here
Retailing at $10.50.


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