24th Birthday :)

Kindle Surprise! ^-^
That’s my birthday present cum anniversary present from Prawn this year.
This makes reading on the go so much easier and lighter!
Now I can read all the books I want without worrying about the storage space at home as well.
First book on my Kindle: Eat, Pray, Love. It’s interesting to read how Liz went about discovering herself.
I also wanna eat, pray and love.

I wanna eat because eating makes worries go away for a little while.
I wanna pray so that at least I feel that somebody is watching after me.
I wanna love so that I won’t feel alone.

Despite all the stress I’m facing, I’m lucky to have Prawn!
He makes my weekend a lot happier! 🙂
I like it that I can be all baby and less serious when I’m with him.
Life is too serious already!

Prawn brought me to River Safari. I really enjoyed myself seeing all the weird animals there!
Definitely recommend it!

We had Shabu Shabu buffet  for dinner! And I super love it!!
The ingredients were really fresh and we ate a lot, were super full after the meal!

And this I made with love, for the one who is still there for me after 6 years.
Simple but nonetheless filled with love!

Also, I feel happy to have my family with me and I pray for my mum’s speedy recovery!

She gave me an ang bao for my birthday!

When you think about all the great things you have, everything else doesn’t matter much anymore!
Happy Sixth Anniversary

And Happy Birthday to myself!


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