Bagaholic turns Shoesaholic!

I’ve been looking for comfortable shoes lately due to the need of standing the whole day.  I even wanted to splurge on expensive shoes just so that I could be guaranteed comfort. But…well, I guess I haven’t been able to convince myself to spend $80 or more on a pair of shoes. Maybe I would some day? But perhaps not now?

So I got myself two pair of shoes recently!! A yellow wedge from Charles and Keith (to replace my dying wedges) and a pair of work essential Melissa inspired jelly pumps.

I’ve been eyeing this pair of pumps whenever I walked into C&K, but only decided to JUST GET IT after a few times of walk-in. It comes in three colours but I got myself the yellow one as it simply pops and looks really young and vibrant!

The wedge is relatively high (around 3 inches I guess?) but I don’t feel any strain at all wearing this! In fact, I could wear this even to shopping!! The wedge is also heavy enough to not flip while I walk.

And then the Melissa Inspired Pumps with a slight height. It goes with most of my outfits and is really soft and comfortable to wear!!
The owl is too cute btw. At a price of only $15, I thought it was such a steal. Blogshops have them for $26 or more? And of course, the real Melissa cost like $100 and more?!

Before I convince myself to splurge on Melissa’s shoes, I decided that I’m currently happy with my Inspired one. ^-^


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