Life’s indulgence

Sometimes food does wonder. Pretty food are not only good to look at but delicious to eat and it eases your worries for that little moment when you eat. Well…at least for me, I don’t eat while I work. This little cafe Wimblylu  isn’t the most convenient place to go to but that’s the whole point. To be away from the city and the crowd. I thank my boyfriend for bringing me there. 🙂 

So we spent a few hours sipping our drink, eating and chatting away.
My boyfriend and I have come to a conclusion that we are a couple who enjoys spending good quality time together and that explains why we only meet up once a week. And because it just makes no sense to see each other too frequently doing nothing meaningful together. My boyfriend told me not to share about this cafe just in case too much people know about it. But a good cafe doesn’t need to go through my recommendation to be crowded. And besides that, I need to write down to remember. :p 

The best thing about the weekend is to enjoy good food with the company of love ones and the luxury of wearing casually. 


6 thoughts on “Life’s indulgence

  1. Haha..I think even if you don’t share, alot of people also know because a couple of bloggers blogged about it before. my sister told me it’s mediocre, but I can’t wait to visit it 🙂

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