Delicious Milk Nougats from Taiwan

Last week, TangWan, the sole exclusive importer of Sugar&Spice milk nougats sent me a whole packet of yummy milk nougats! Sugar&Spice is one of the premier makers of milk nougats in Taiwan.

I said yes immediately knowing that most of my family members love nougats.

These nougats are all freshly handmade from French unsalted butter from Normandy, milk powder from France and crispy California almonds. A special preparation technique gives these flavourful milk nougats a creamy, soft and chewy texture that are very different from the nougats currently available in the Singapore market. No preservation, additive or coagulant is added during the production process.

The nougats have a slight sweet milky taste but not to fret for non-milk lovers, they are not that milky. I do no like milk but I find the taste palatable. The nougats are not as sweet as the normal ones that I’ve eaten before. So if you love super sweet nougats, then this is not for you. To eat it, you will have to thaw it for 10 to 15 mins. It goes on chewy with the almonds crunchy in your mouth. My mum loves it so much that she’s bringing some to work to snack on. :p

The nougats come in a nice gift box which I think it’s pretty as a simple gift too!

You can get these delicious nougats here or like their Facebook page for instant updates and promotion.


One thought on “Delicious Milk Nougats from Taiwan

  1. Hi Vivian and everyone,

    To thank all our customers for their overwhelming response to our milk nougats, tangWan is conducting a special bulk purchase exercise as a token of appreciation for your support.

    The bulk purchase will only proceed if at least 88 gift boxes are ordered before 31 May 2013.

    Buyers will enjoy the lowest rates in Singapore if this bulk purchase materializes.

    Each gift box will cost only $14.90. In addition, customers will continue to have 2 delivery options – Flat fees of $1.50 and $5.00 apply for SingPost and YAMATO Courier service respectively.

    bulk purchase link :

    HURRY! While stocks last!!

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