Fav Makeup Products

I have finally finally cleared all my backlogs and that means I have more space and time to post about things I purchased myself and things that I really love! Not that I don’t love the stuff sponsored to me, some are indeed impressive! Just that, nothing beats reviews of my very own purchase, isn’t it? Also, I have not been accepting new sponsorship lately because I simply have no time to stick to the datelines given to me.

Today I’m gonna talk about some of the makeup products I really love but has never been mentioned on this platform. The usual raves would be my mascara, eyeliner and foundation. So this time round, I’m gonna talk about something else!

And that is lipstick, concealer and eyebrow liner.

Everyone knows I’ve been searching for the perfect concealer and I think I’ve found mine with Makeup Forever. Under my friend’s recommendation, I bought Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer. It was pretty expensive so I was a bit apprehensive when I first purchased it, but I found it so amazing after trying it on my face!

It has a creamy texture which can be blended easily yet stays put throughout the day. It also has pretty good coverage! I remembered there was once my sister complimented my skin and asked if I put anything on as she couldn’t see much of my acne scars and redness. I then told her I had used the concealer! She was awed by it and gave it a try and she agreed that it was awesome! Also, I had no issue with the colour. It just blended into my skintone.

Ever since I was introduced to K Palette, I’ve never jumped out of it. Besides its liner, I also love their eyebrow liner (Real Lasting 24H Eyebrow). This is my third eyebrow liner from K Palette.

Because it’s a liquid eyebrow liner, the colour stays on throughout the day without having the need to reapply like eyebrow pencils. It is also very easy to draw it on. You don’t have to worry about using too much as it goes on pretty faint.

And then, it is the gorgeous lipstick from Etude House PPK002. I admit I gave in to the princessy packaging. Apologies for the lipstick colour portrayed in this picture. The lipstick is supposed to be a purplish pink not red.

The formula of the lipstick is pretty smooth and moisturizing.

Even without any gloss, this lipstick looks shiny on the lips without overdoing it. I actually hate lip gloss! This lip colour compliments my skintone as well!

I hope you love my reviews and I’ll be looking forward to sharing my beauty faves of my very own purchases. πŸ™‚


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