About Practicum, about myself. It’s over!!

I finally ended my 10 weeks practicum yesterday. The end is always a new beginning.
There are many things I’ve learnt these 10 weeks. Other than enhancing my own professionalism, I’ve also learnt more about myself.

To me, life isn’t all about work all day long. If I have to scrimp on my sleep, forever stressing about my never ending work, cope myself up and forget about the things that once made me happy, then this job isn’t for me. Life is about making a choice. You can choose to work 24/7, stress over things that you can’t control and what people have to say, but at the end of the day, you leave yourself feeling depressed and angry, then what’s the point? But you can also choose to enjoy whenever you can and make the best effort in keeping yourself sane. I must say it wasn’t easy for me to just put everything down and enjoy myself during these 10 weeks. There were lots of work that must be done but I only have 24 hours each day. How do I even divide the time just so I can complete my work on time and at the same time do the things I enjoy doing the most? Time management is really important. So even if it means working harder during the weekdays, I didn’t mind. Just cos I wanna have my own leisure time during the weekend. I would go crazy if work has to take up 24/7 of my time.

Life isn’t about work all day long. Work isn’t going to make you happy. But people you love are going to do just that. So if there’s one thing I learn about Practicum, it’s the art of putting all my burdens down before I go to sleep and during my own leisure time. Of course, I really have to thank my fellow school mates who didn’t mind sharing resources among ourselves. That, really make a whole load of difference.

I’ve also learn to take criticisms professionally and not personally. It was a nightmare when you keep thinking that people are out there to make your life miserable. Surely, I’ve met really encouraging bosses who gave me constructive feedbacks all the time. But there’s always another kind of person who will find fault in almost everything you do. But what to do?  They are your boss and you gotta listen to them. So I’ve learnt to just give them what they want and not think so much about it, even if there’s a conflict of interest. You can do whatever you want once you are on your own. But right now, you just gotta take it and do it.

Even though it wasn’t easy managing my job scope, but I think I kinda love what I’m doing. Because at the end of the day, I was able to make a difference in someone’s life. And that itself, is a meaningful task. It really warms my heart to receive so much appreciation cards and these are words from the angels who will always remind me why I’m here. Goodbyes are always difficult. I thought I could take it easy but when they say thank you and goodbye for the last time, I felt tears whelming up. I had to exit the room fast so that they won’t see me cry.

And I will never forget that I’m once a muddle-headed trainee. I will make sure I’ll be a good boss in the future if there’s a chance. (:


These are the people who were on the same boat as me in the same environment. We did it!


And my pretty boss whom I get to work with for two of my most important practicums:

Lastly, my rewards for the 10 weeks. Thank you. (:


One thought on “About Practicum, about myself. It’s over!!

  1. I felt the same way you did on the v last day as well.. Sense of reluctance leaving the sch.. Students & colleagues, you’ll all be missed. Well, I guess that’s life. At least these peeps were once part of our life. It’s nice to have them all😃 For now, it’s ME Time! Have a well-deserved break! See ya’ back in sch as we cherish our last bit of time as a student😁!!!

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