Review: Aqualabel’s Perfect Protect Milk UV

Phew…. it’s been about a week since I last blogged. I’ve been really busy recently, busy with life that is. Even though I wake up at 545am every morning to go to school, I still feel really good! I’ve got time to really appreciate the view of sunrise, time to sit down eat my breakfast and read at the same time, time to go dinner with friends and do some retail therapy, time to chat online, time to watch tv, and time for me to recuperate from all the work.

This is life. And I hope in the future, I will not compromise myself from living life.
That said, I’ve got a couple of new skincare items in my regime.

Today I’m gonna review about Aqualabel’s Perfect Protect Milk UV. Previously I was using Biore’s new Aqua Rich Sunscreen which was amazing for me. It was sold out everywhere so I decided to get another one. I thought Aqualabel’s would be a good choice since I recalled that it was many beauty bloggers’ favourite item from Aqualabel.

Having participated in their bloggers’ contest was also one factor that lead to purchase this product.

The sunscreen is in a runny liquid consistency and it was easy to blend into the skin.

– High SPF
– Light-weight (though not as light as Biore’s)
– Smooth finishing
– Brightening effect
– Good oil control (I find myself not having to blot my face, with very minimal amount of oil on my skin even after a long day.)

– It does look shiny once applied.  (but foundation solved the problem)

Generally I would say that it is not a bad sunscreen. If sight shine doesn’t affect you, I would say the pros outweigh the cons and it’s a sunscreen that I would recommend. If you are looking for something that effectively controls oil, this does it. I was quite amazed with it.  BUT I don’t think I will repurchase especially having tried sunscreen with a lighter formula. If I have to stay out for the whole day, I might consider using this just for the oil control factor.


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