Save more toner, save more money

Have you ever felt that your toner is depleting way faster than any other skincare products? And that’s usually because of the cotton wool we use. Typical cotton wool absorbs a lot of the toner, and that explains why we have to use a lot more than usual. Skincare gurus always tell us to be generous with our toner and make sure the entire cotton wool is soaked with the toner. But honestly, I can’t help to feel that it’s such a waste! But if we don’t use enough, it is as good as not using any because the cotton wool has absorb all the toner already.

Today I wanna share with you the type of cotton wool I use and I promise it’s gonna save you lots of money!!

It’s LEED Beauty Puff which I got it from NTUC Xtra. Yes, it’s not that easily available in the market cos as far as I know, I haven’t seen it in any other departmental stores such as Guardian or Watsons. So yes, unfortunately, you can only get it from NTUC Xtra.

It contains 100 sheets and it cost around $3+. It is definitely not cheap but it has help me save more toner, and therefore more savings!

A sheet of the cotton is bigger than my palm size and it is as thin as paper. Of course, I don’t use such a large sheet everytime. I would tear it into half or smaller. If I tear it into half, it means 100 sheets more, and that means if I use it day and night, a box can last me for a 100 days.

It is as thin as paper, and doesn’t absorb the toner that much. I use half as less toner as when I use normal cotton wool. Also, it doesn’t leave any fibre on my skin when using. I really hate it when I’ve done cleansing and yet my skin is still dirty because of the cotton wool I use!

This is extra gentle, soft and ….ya you can read it yourself. :p

Overall, I really recommend you to use quality cotton wool so as not to waste your expensive toner.
Think about it, you would save a lot more moolahs in the long run!

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