Review: Bio-Essence V Face Series

Everyone wants to look younger with slimmer contour. Anti-aging products are really all the rage now and yes, I’ve already started my anti-aging regime bit by bit before my skin loses elasticity and give in to gravity pull.

Endorsed by Vivan Hsu, Bio-Essence’s Royal Jelly + ATP Shape V face series promises to give you a younger, V shape contour.
I was sponsored three products from the range: Deep Exfoliating Gel, Radiance Youth Essence and Face Lifting Cream. The first thing that I really like is the glass bottle packaging. It looks and feel expensive, isn’t flimsy or anything. It can be a little heavy though.

Main ingredients in the product: 
Bio Energy Fluid
Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence
Royal Jelly
Precious herbal extracts like Ginseng, Aloe Vera and Angelica to enhance cell energy and skin metabolism.

If you don’t already know, Royal Jelly is very beneficial to our skin.  Royal Jelly is a thick, extremely nutritious milky-white, creamy liquid secreted by the nurse bees. Queen bees feed exclusively on Royal Jelly and it accounts for their incredible longevity. Amazingly, they live 40 times longer than worker bees. This shows the superior anti-aging effects of Royal Jelly.

There was a period of time when I eat raw Royal Jelly everyday. (and I must say it tasted awful so I’m really happy to see products that includes Royal Jelly.) Royal Jelly is full of nutrients and vitamins which deeply nourishes the skin, improves its radiance, leaving skin soft, smooth and fair.  It also has excellent anti-bacterial properties which helps to disinfect pimples or even acne skin. (YAY for people who has acne-prone skin but wants to use anti-aging products as well.)

ATP helps to supply and communicate energy to skin cells like a continuous current, improving micro-circulation effectively to renew and repair skin.

Trial Period: 1 week

After I remove my makeup, I would towel dry my skin and hands, and then use this Deep Exfoliating Gel for a gentle exfoliation.

Comes out in a gel form and smells like honey due to Royal Jelly.

When spread, the gel turns watery and tiny flakes can be seen. These are the dead skin cells.

After using this product, you are expected to see a brighter, smoother skin. It also helps regulates oil secretion, prevent pimples and lighten scars and acne marks.

To be really honest, all exfoliating products do that. When you remove your dead skin cells, your skin will definitely look brighter and smoother. It is no magic here. As to preventing pimples, it is because the product contains Royal Jelly which has an anti-bacterial property. Royal Jelly stands in the middle of the ingredient list, so I do think it will work to a certain extent. (Of course not instantly though.)

I do like this product since it’s gentle enough to use everyday and I love the light scent of honey!

After cleansing my skin, I tried the Radiant Youth Essence.  It contains 95% Green Tea extract which provides superior anti-oxidant property to protect skin against signs of ageing, it intensively nourishes skin and locks in moisture, keeping skin smooth and supple. Ideal to be use in super cold weather.

This is really really greasy on my skin.

According to them, product gets absorbed after 1 min. But nope, it took more than 1 min for it to be completely absorbed. I do not think this is for me as it’s too greasy. Hence, I’ve stopped using it just after one use.

After which, I would use the Face Lifting Cream. This is the best product out of the three given to me.

Yes, it’s a cream but feels so light-weight on the skin!

No residue is seen on the skin at all!

Benefits of the face lifting cream:

1. Lifts facial contours
2. Firms sagging skin
3. Reduces double skin
4. Contracts pores & refines skin
5. Reduces appearance of ageing line
6. Deeply nourishes & moisturizes skin
7. Reduces visible fine lines & wrinkles
8. Shapes V face, enhancing feminine charm

According to reviews, people saw instant face slimming effect. The product also kindly included a measuring tape for measurement purposes. To do that, they must be really confident about this.

When I first applied the product on my skin, I felt a tingly cold sensation which I really love it especially during warm humid season like now. This sensation also tells me that it is working on my skin! I do slight upward massaging effect with this face cream and I noticed half an inch of difference on my skin instantly! However, this effect wasn’t permanently and goes to back to original the next morning. But I reckon it’s gonna be good to use in the morning when you tend to look more puffy in the day.

It moisturizes the skin well and my makeup could glide pretty well. I also notice my pores getting smaller and skin smoother as well. As for wrinkles, I’m not sure about it yet. Overall, I love this product and would continue using it.

Unlock your feminine charm here!

*Products are sent to me for consideration but all opinions are mine and honest. 


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