A day spent at Sunset Bay Garden Bistro

I spent a Saturday at Sunset Bay Garden Bistro with fellow bloggers. We were there to attend a day of fun with Cure Natural Aqua Gel,  Japan’s best selling facial exfoliant. In every 12 seconds, one bottle is sold. How amazing?! I’ve heard of Cure Natural Aqua Gel, but didn’t get the chance to try it until today. And yes, I’m quite impressed. I might be a convert after this.

The host seriously has a way to make us move. We played some relay games and dance to korean songs. lolol. I tell you, it was really awkward for me. But since everyone is dancing, I had to as well! In the picture above, my sis is laughing like mad because the host invited her to come on stage to answer some question and said “wah ..this one come with many flowers (on her blouse), wahh…you think what?! Botanical garden ar?!” LOL.

Awesome chicken dance moves. lol.

And they gathered all the guys as they were looking for the most sunshine boys to be the Cure Boys!

They had to play this random game and some of them really can do it pretty well! Oh yes, not forgetting the fact that they did catwalk as well.

The top three Cure Boys.

Yes, guys can also use Cure Natural Aqua Gel. One of the guys I got to know were telling me how magical it was. He said after trying it on one hand and compared it with another hand, he got a shock! The hand that was exfloliated with Cure turns fairer and smoother. The difference was huge according to him.

What makes Cure Natural Aqua Gel different from the other similar exfloliants in the market?

It contains no preservatives, colouring, fragrance and alcohol. This means it is suitable even for the sensitive skin.
It is made up of 91% revitalized hydrogen water and natural plants extract. It comes out in gel form but turns into water after rubbing it into the skin.

I also noticed the skin became extremely smooth after using the gel. It is also gentle enough for everyday use!

The evening ended with a very sumptuous buffet dinner!

Don’t forget to “like” their facebook page here!


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