Falling in love with Arteastiq

In reality, you don’t need to find friends for friends will come to you when it’s time. I don’t find friends deliberately, or rather I choose not to. But when I found one and feel like keeping one that I found, I make sure I do it deliberately. We don’t spend a lot of time together but that’s the thing, for friends don’t have to stick together all the time.  We make time for each other and say hello once in a while.

Chilling and chatting over a cup of tea is such an enjoyment. Been to Arteastiq twice with two good friends recently.  And good friends won’t ever run out of things to talk about. That’s awesome! If there’s any advice on how to keep the friendship going, it is to call that person out, and indulge over a cup of tea or coffee. Just catch up and lend a listening ear whenever needed.

I like my tea to be fruity; like that of a pear tea, lychee tea and berries tea. The fruits add a tinge of sweetness to the tea and I can possibly save the sugar cubes. I also love the almond cookies, which goes pretty well with the tea. I think Arteastiq (literally means ‘the art of teasing’ or ‘the art of tea that makes you tick’) is a really nice place to chill at with friends. The contemporary Europe decoration is not only good to look at, but also a lovely place to be at.

“Be grateful for your friends, family and support system. The people who are there for you right now will most likely be the people who will be there for you until the end. Express your weirdness and do it with pride. Be funny; be silly. You are too young to be so serious. Make new friends; explore new places.” A message to the young women of the world.


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