My digital and mobile buys from Qoo10 (Love my portable charger!)

As mentioned in my earlier posts, I buy anything and everything from Qoo10 and today I’m gonna share my loots under the Digital and Mobile category. In this category, you can get anything ranging from mobile cases to even electronics such as camera and MP3 players.

These are some of the items which I got:

I’ve been looking for cheap and good quality mouse pads for the longest time. I bought one from Daiso and let me just say, it was the worse $2 bucks spent there ever. That mouse pad was cute to look at, but was not of any practical use. It wasn’t smooth for my mouse to work properly.

And so, I decided to try my luck at Qoo10 and bought two Sanwa Supply Mouse Pad.
This mouse pad comes in different colours and I decided to just get two in blue, one for home use and another for office use.
The size was just nice for a regular mouse and works really well! This is definitely one good quality mouse pad.

The back of the mouse pad has an anti-slip surface so it doesn’t move on the table. You know how irritating it can be when mouse pad moves together with your mouse. -.-
At Qoo10’s discounted price, I got these two mouse pads for only $3.80 in total! That’s the awesome thing about shopping at Qoo10; you constantly get discounts and offers.

I finally changed my phone after two plus years of using the Iphone. Now, I really love my S4 so much!! The best thing about converting to Andriod is the fact that I do not have to go through itunes to transfer my music/movies/pictures anymore! A new phone needs new clothings, so I decided to get her a cover on Qoo10.

At Blueskies Shop, it is so difficult to make a choice. There are simply too many phone covers to choose from.

In the end, I decided on this design with a black frame to compliment my white phone. Looks really retro isn’t it? This soft base cover not only looks good but also protect the phone well. All edges of the phone are protected. And, the best thing? I got it at only $9.40!

And lastly, introducing you to MY BEST BUY on Qoo10, LeYou Portable Powerbank with 5000mAh

This has gotta be the slimmest, lightest portable charger I’ve seen thus far. It is even thinner than Iphone 4S by 2mm! It also includes a letter of authorization on the site to say that they are carrying the real thing.

Touch screen operated. Just touch to button on/off. The blue lights indicates the power left.
A 5000 mAh is good enough for two or slightly more charges. So unless you are not gonna have electricity for a long trip, there’s no need to get more capacity.

This charger also comes with all these.

Really love this charger a lot! It also comes in a few colours but I got the black one because it looks more sleek. It only cost me $26.80 with a $2 mobile coupon. (Meaning you check out using your mobile. Please go download their mobile app for such privileges!)

Yes, do you know you can use coupons to for discounted payment at Qoo10?

Click My Qoo10, under Q account, click Coupon to see the coupons available. You can also use your Q-stamps to draw coupons!
Q stamps are accumulated whenever you purchase things and click “Confirm Delivery”.  It seems complicated but it is actually very simple!

If you don’t already have an account, click here sign up and start shopping away!

Would really appreciate it if you can vote for me under Best Qoo10 Online Shopping Blog category here. I know it’s a bit troublesome to sign up for an account just to vote so I’ll really be very happy if you girls/guys can take the effort to do so! 🙂


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