Lifestyle items from Qoo10

I bought some lifestyle items from Qoo10. Sometimes when you decide to browse randomly, you just can’t resist getting some cute items!

I’ve never had any bag organizer cos I didn’t see the need to have one. But the reason why I got it was becausese I wanted to use it as a mini bag when I go from places to places during work. So that when I need anything, such as the pointer,  marker or the pen, I don’t have to dig and dig into my pencil case. (I hate digging!)

Comes with three main compartments. Two with zips and one without. I’ve already decided to put my microphone and notebook  into the middle compartment and some important but not necessary things such as wallets and handphone into the zipped compartments. I will then put important things such as pens and markers in the pocket compartments which are easily accessible.

My work ready mini-bag!
$7.50 here

Buttons at the side to make it flatter should you not need so much space.

And then! I bought a cup! No this is not a paper cup.

It is made of ceramic and contains two layers so that you can put hot water without scalding your hands with the outer layer of the cup. You can also put cold water without condensation!

Resembles so much like a paper cup isn’t it?

The lid is of a soft jelly material. I shall put this cup in my office. =D
$14 here

Next, I bought a fake swarovski pen in green. Too classy. Cannot resist.

This colour is so unique!!! Not like the common white, blue, pink and black. They are just so boring. Just writing with this makes me happy. Hehe.
$5.40 here


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