Guides to beating the haze

Since 1997, Singapore has never been so hazy until recently the PSI hit 321, a very very hazardous level.  This is due to deforestation at Indonesia. I’m really sorry for all the tourists who came to Singapore at this period only to find Singapore so hazy. 😦  At such a high PSI level, it is not recommended to do any outdoor activities. People with Asthma should also be extra careful.

Prolonged breathing of such toxic air can cause many problems to our health and skin.

Picture Credit: Singapore General Hospital 

In view of the hazy period, I came up with my own simple guide in beating the haze!

#1 Have lots of Vitamin C and Water 

Drink more water than usual to flush off all the toxic that you may have breath in. Throat may feel uncomfortable and irritated, hence there’s a need to drink more water. Mild sneezing and cough may be expected, so make sure you take in more fruits and vegetables to maintain your health.

#2 Wear Makeup 

The air outside is so polluted. In order to create a barrier between your skin and the air, it is best that you put on some form of light makeup. I recommend using CC cream because it is light and won’t clog the pores. Anw, Rachel K’s CC cream is my latest buy!

#3 Wear a Mask 

I’m actually appalled that some Singaporeans are still not wearing masks?! They even stare at people who do?? Please lah, for the sake of your lungs, get a mask. It is actually best if you can get a N95 mask, but it’s difficult to purchase now.

Anw I just found out the correct way of wearing the mask:
– To prevent germs from spreading, you ought to wear the “green” side facing your mouth.
– To prevent toxic air from reaching you, you ought to wear the “green” side facing outside.

#4 Cleanse your skin thoroughly 

It is very important to clean your skin, hands and legs the min you reach home. Do not carry all the dirts and pollutants to sleep.
To remove your makeup very thoroughly, I suggest steaming while using your makeup remover. The steam can help open up your pores, so that the makeup remover can work better in removing all the dirts from your pores.

PS: Got haze no haze, also can try this method to remove your makeup thoroughly!

The Panasonic Nanocare Facial Steamer is really a good investment. Here’s where you put the water in for the steamer to work.

Full steam – 6 min
Half steam – 3 min

For removing of makeup, a half steam will do.

Massage your skin with makeup remover as the steam works their way through your pores. Anw, because this is only a demo, she’s sitting slightly further away from the steamer.

The correct way is to make sure your face is about 20cm away from the steamer.

And there you go! Your skin will be clean and fresh after cleansing. 🙂

Good luck in beating the haze people!
Stay hydrated and clean your skin thoroughly!

PS: As I’m typing this entry INDOOR, I can still feel my eyes having slight burning sensation. So remember to use eyedrops and cut down on the usage of contact lens ya!


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