What to look out for at Qoo10

This is gonna be my last, but not least post for Qoo10!! Are you ready?!

Since I’ve already got items from the beauty, mobile and lifestyle category. I decided to spend my last few credits on things I really love and want. Hehe. And they are Milcolla Collagen, Relvon Lip Crayon and a stamp with my chinese name.

Disclaimer: I bought Milcolla Collagen using my own money and not from the credits given. I’ve heard raves about this collagen from beauty blogger and also Nv Ren Wo Zui Da (A very popular Taiwanese variety on beauty). This collagen can be added to hot drinks and cold drink which I thought was quite convenient!

Most importantly, I got it from Deal Plus section , where Qoo10 handpicked trusthworthy and recommended items. Since this is something edible, I reckon it is safe enough for consumption under this category. It cost me $50.98 in total. You can c heck them out here.

To get to Deal Plus Section, Click Today’s Sale on the right. And you will see this:

The highlighted ones are all worth looking at: Today’s Sale, Time Sale, Deal Plus, Group Buy are all there!

And then, I also got myself an orange Relvon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. Orange lips are all the rage now in Korea, besides Hot Pink Lip.

Very creamy texture and glides on my lips!

Hehe! My favourite colour is ORANGE! I like it on my lips toooooo! ❤
$11.90 here.

And also, you can customize your own stamps. I made one with my Chinese Name.

It is of really good quality! The ink doesn’t come out a lot because of how the stamp is made.
$9.50 here.

To sum it up, I really enjoy shopping at Qoo10. I’ve made so much savings while purchasing from Qoo10. 
If you asked me, what’s really worth taking a look, take a look at the table below. I’ve compiled all MUST SEE MUST LOOK sections already! I’ve made so much savings because of all these: 

Thanks folks! Hopefully I will see you again in the next SBA awards! Hehe. 


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