In times of Haze

“I didn’t think it would be like this when I left the house.”
“No one ever does until the storm hits anyway. We get a lot of the sky is falling on the weather reports, so when something big does hits, people never expect it.
If it’s not as bad as the reports predicted, we complain.
If it’s worse than expected, we complain.
If it’s just as bad as predicted, we’ll complain about that too, because we’ll say that the reports are wrong so often there was no way to know they’d be right this time. It just gives people something to complain about.” – Safe Havens Nicholas Spark

It is human’s nature to complain about it. What we want is for the government to do something about it. Empty talks don’t work!
At this point of hazy situation, I can still hear drilling sounds of construction work going on. Is money or the health of our workers more important?!
Also, we need CURRENT PSI level, not the 3-hour average and not the 24 hour average (which is lagging behind the 3 hour average). Because PSI level can fluctuate every now and then!
And yes, the new scheme in subsidizing medical bills related to haze  for the elderly and children is good. But I do hope that they can at least give some assistance to every households in the form of masks, N95 masks ie.

Lastly, it is Singaporeans like Josiah Ng that makes a difference to the community.
He did his part as a fellow Singaporean by lending a hand to the fellow Singaporeans in times of crisis like this.


UPDATE: At least my grassroot leader is doing his job. I just got hold of N95 mask. And the sky seems to clear up already. I’m crossing my fingers that this will last.


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