Crystal Jade’s Korean BBQ and Ginseng Chicken

Nothing like food that makes me satisfied and happy. Ling has a craving for Korean BBQ so I suggested Crystal Jade’s Korean BBQ and Ginseng Chicken at Ngee Ann City. Previously, we have always went to Far East Plaza for Korean BBQ, so I decided that we should try something new this time round. We changed our toufu kimchi soup to Ginseng Chicken Soup and topped up $9 more. We also changed our plate of beef to pork since Ling doesn’t take beef. So our menu consists of both the chicken and the pork. Both of us ordered Korean Tea.

I’m sorry I didn’t take much pictures of the food since I really wanted to enjoy my food. The side dishes were a little different from the usual. Yes, we did have the usual bean sprouts and kimchi, but we also have Dong Fen and … something else which I’m not quite sure what that is.

Anw, the meats were fresh and tasted really good! I also like the whole eating environment. It wasn’t greasy, smelly or smoky. The only thing was I couldn’t tell my pork and chicken apart. Their seasoning is the same I guess.


The best thing is this pot of Ginseng Chicken Soup. It really TASTED PRETTY GOOD!  The chicken was soft and tender. The glutinous rice inside the chicken was something new for me (but I think that’s the real tradition). I didn’t really ate much of the rice, but I will the next time round.

Overall, I’m satisfied with Crystal Jade’s Korean BBQ and will definitely come again next time.

Let’s explore more eating places together!
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