Picture Day

Whether it’s your prom night, wedding dinner, functions, or graduation (happening really soon for the university students), there’s always the chance of having your picture taken. When it comes to picture day, what should you do in advance to prepare for it?

Having soft, hydrated and bright skin is really important as our skin is the canvas for makeup. Whether your base makeup is gonna look flawless or cakey depends largely on our skin condition. For me, I don’t really like to pile on large amount of foundation during picture day so that I won’t look too “ghostly” beside my friends. You know how some foundation can make you look 1000x whiter in pictures? With good skin, just slight amount of BB cream and concealer is enough.

So on the night before the picture day, here’s what I would do: 

Give my hair a thorough wash and do hair mask. Wrap my hair up in the towel and when I’m done with the rest of my skincare, my hair will not be as wet as before.  And look at those smoke coming up towards my face. Any idea what’s that?

No lah, not BBQ

It’s my favourite skincare gadget at the moment – Panasonic Nanocare Facial Steamer!! 
This steamer is really easy to use. Now say goodbye to boiling water risking backache cos you have to bend down to get the steam from your boiling water.

With this Facial Steamer, you can sit comfortably at any corner of your house. (Of course must choose a corner with a plug lah.)

Nano Care means the water molecules are of Nano Size which is small enough to penetrate into our pores, leaving our skin hydrated.

I also share this with mum. She loves it!

Check out my hydrated skin right after using the steamer.
Recently I’ve been having good skin days as opposed to a month before when I have lots of clogged pores and outbreak!!
Later I’ll show you what I use that helps a lot in dealing with the stubborn clogged pores.

Okay, so the next step after opening up our pores with the steamer is to use a face mask. Here I’m using Etude House I need you Lemon sheet mask.

We all know lemon can help to brighten and clarify skin tone. This is really important for me now as I’ve just recovered from nasty outbreaks and there’s lots of pigmentation around my skin.

Make sure you get adequate sleep at night.
What I like to do is to choose a comfortable sleep wear and remind the body that it’s SLEEPING TIME.

After removing your mask, it’s time to apply your skincare. This is my current night time skincare routine:
– DHC Acne Toner
–  Naruko Raw Job’s Tear Brightening Serum
– Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream
– Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream

The toner is what makes my clogged pores go away by themselves! Salicylic Acid has mild exfoliating properties that can help shed dead skin cells and is also a good ingredient for the acne. Other than this, I’ve been exfoliating more frequently now (which I’ll talk about it in another blog post.) Exfoliating is the key point in getting rid of my clogged pores.

I’ve just added the Brightening Serum recently because my skin has been looking dull and tired these days. And this serum definitely helps! It is a runny liquid texture that is easily absorbed by the skin. Although it can get slightly sticky after application, I didn’t mind since I saw effects! My skin always look brighter in the morning.

Of course, being picture perfect means you gotta have that firm and small face. Try Bio-essence face lifting cream! Ever since I reviewed that product, it stays in my skincare regime. I love how cooling it is and also how soft my skin felt after application.
I also love it that my skin remains V shape and firm (even though the effect is not permanent).

My bare skin after all the skincare!

As for makeup, like I say, I don’t like heavy duty foundation.
I only use Rachel’s K CC cream on my skin and Makeup Forever Concealor on some blemishes and dark circles.
After yesterday’s intense skincare regime, my skin was smooth and hydrated. Makeup application was a breeze.

As for the eye makeup, it is very very simple. Simply fill in the brows, use champange eyeshadow colour to brighten up the eyelid, followed by eyeliner and mascara. Noticed I drew my eyeliner longer than usual. When it comes to picture taking, eyeliner is important as it outlines the shape of the eyes and make it look more prominent in pictures. Apply the same eyeshadow colour on the inner corner of the eyes, extending outwards. (In trend now in Korea. lol.)

And that’s it!
Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

Thanks girls! 🙂


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