Shopping Loots at JB

Went on a one day JB spree with my friends and boyfriend! Practically shopped and eat the whole day at KSL and City Square Mall.
Here are some of my shopping loots:

A nude blouse that flares at the bottom. Goes well with shorts or pants.
Got it at 39.90 RM, which is about S$16.40. It is of good quality and comes with inner lining as well.

And then, I also got a pair of basic shorts because I’ve been wanting to get one of a longer length to match longer blouse
(so that I don’t look like I didn’t wear pants. :p) This is also retailing at 39.90 RM, S$16.40.

And then, some other random buys.
Vivi May Issue for 9RM, S$3.70 (It’s cheap to buy past issues here!)
Samsung S4 Jelly Casing, 2 for 28RM, S$5.80 each. (Yes yes, I changed a new phone recently. Am now an Andriod user!)
Sanitary Pad Pouch, 2 for 10RM, S$2.10 each.

The rest of my money is spent on food which I’ll not talk about it here.


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