Embracing my natural curls

I have natural waves to begin with. The many haircuts I have over these two years have completely removed my rebonded hair texture, leaving me with my original hair texture with waves. These waves can get a tad annoying at times when I have layers in my hair like now. Leaving it the way it is usually makes me feel unattractive, so I normally resort to using my straightener to at least keep my strands in the correct position.

But argh…I really dislike using so much heat tools and today I’m glad I gave Marc Anthony’s Dream Waves Beach Spray a chance. This product can help to create the beach waves tousled hair look without curling tongs! Just spray onto your damp hair and scrunch it up while blow drying it makes your natural waves more define!

With this product, my natural curls were enhanced and looked good.
They don’t look as unkempt as before, and gave off a really natural look (as if you didn’t style them) yet easy to achieve hair style.
It didn’t give me the beachy waves, but rather it defines my natural curls more and give big ringlets look to it.
Also, there’s more volume as well!

The con is that I feel it will only work on people with natural curls or permed hair.
It will not work on pin straight hair unless you are using it with a diffuser.
Also, layered hair usually gets the most out of it as it can appear more textured.
I say that because I use it before my haircut and it didn’t work very well.
I pick it up again after my haircut and I could see better effect!
Also, your hair will be stiffer when using this spray. You definitely can’t run your fingers through the hair!

If I still have my permed hair, this will be something I will use to hold my perm hair!

How to use: 
1. Spray all over the hair from roots to bottom when hair’s damp. (Make sure you get it at every layers of the hair)
2. Scrunch it up.
3. Use a hairdryer while scrunching your hair up.

*Product is sent to me for consideration but all opinions are mine and honest. 


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