Little updates of my life

So my holiday has ended, and I’m back to work for almost a week already!
It is a new stage in my life as I’m no longer a student (at least not now) and I have a lot more responsibilities now.
Well, frankly speaking, I do love my job (other than the assessment that I have to go through every week), and I hope I will keep that passion going. Plenty of challenges ahead, but nothing is too big to overcome if you have faith in yourself!

Looking at the newbies in the office reminds me of those wonderful AND tedious period. I’m glad it’s all behind me now. Even though my working hours can be pretty long, and I have to continue to work when I reach home, I felt okay. Like it’s not that bad afterall… Being officially appointed is somehow better than being a trainee, or so I really feel.
I must always remind myself that I’ve come so far not just to give up. Four years of studies plus 17 weeks of training is really quite a feat. I will try my best to inspire, even if it’s just one of them who gets inspired at the end of the day. 🙂

Found this picture in my phone.
I always love messing with my hair. This is the after-effect of my french braiding.
If you are looking for non-heat hairstyles, try french braiding them and release them after a few hours.
You will get waves like this!  (but I think they died pretty fast. lol)

And I just received a lovely postcard from Jun who mailed to me all the way from Vietnam!

Friends who think of you when they go abroad are the sweetest. Friends who write to me are even sweeter! ^^


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