OMY Blog Award 60s Makeup

Hello girls!
I was at OMY’s Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony today with my Sister who were also one of the finalists!
It’s been such a great fun blogging under the category of the Panasonic Best Beauty Blog and Qoo10 Best Shopping Blog.
Unfortunately, all Panasonic items were on loan to me, meaning I’ll have to return them back after the awards. (Just in case you dono) Aww..I really like the Panasonic items especially the facial steamer!

Anw this year, OMY turned six, so the theme of the award ceremony was 60s! And the ceremony was held at Shanghai Dolly once again. Love the venue! 🙂

I didn’t buy any new clothings for the awards since I have plenty to choose from my wardrobe. (You know I love anything vintage. =p) HOWEVER, I did intend to try out a new makeup look to suit the theme. Afterall, having nice fresh makeup is always fun in a themed event.

After some research done, I decided to draw inspiration from Twiggy! Twiggy is one of the fashion icon back in the 60s, and her eye makeup is really pretty!

I noticed her eyemakeup focus alot on the crease and lashes. She has had full set of lashes, both upper and lower lashes. PS, do you know her lower lashes were drawn on? Also, her crease were made obvious using liner as well.

The real twiggy eye makeup is like this. BUT, I’m not that daring to go out with the crease drawn on, so I decided to do a subtle version using eyeshadow instead. :p

My version of Twiggy’s inspired makeup look! (Picture taken outdoor)
Sorry luh, cos I became the Kawaii version of Twiggy, instead of a really fashionable Twiggy.

Picture taken indoor.

My base makeup consists of L’oreal Magique Light Infusing Foundation and Enavose Loose Powder. I only have good things to say about the foundation, which you can read more here.

And Enavose Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF15 is something that I got to try out recently. AND I REALLY LOVE IT!

This powder is good for people who is looking for a cool dewy finish. (ME!!)

What it claims
24 hrs hydra-release – Skin’s moisture barrier remains boosted for 24 hrs due to the swiss Glacial Water, Hydra-Spheres-Release.

Ultra Cooling Sensation – Provides crisp cooling sensation to keep skin feeling fresh and comfortable,

Reflective Effect – Contains reflective mineral pigments to diffuse light and to balance out irregular surfaces and cover pores.

Natural Lightweight Coverage – Provides sheer, translucent coverage for a natural finish.

This loose powder comes in a really small packaging, very much unlike those that I’ve used before. I think it’s great to have a smaller packaging, so that I can bring it around and also I can at least finish it up before it expires.

The sponge is really soft on the skin and indeed leaves a cooling sensation on the skin for the first time I use it. But subsequently, I can’t feel the coolness anymore.

Here’s a close up shot of the foundation and the loose powder together.

As you can see from the picture, there’s pecks of shimmer on the skin which I really love. Do you know all of the loose powder I own contains shimmer? Loose powder that contains shimmer usually don’t make my skin matte. I really dislike matte base makeup, so I’m always looking out for shimmers or something that will brighten or create a glow on my skin.

From far, you can’t really see the shimmers, except that you will find a subtle glow on your skin, which is great!

You can now grab Enavose Swiss Glacial Loose Powder SPF 15 at an exclusive deal of $29.90 instead of $39.50. If you buy it online, you can also get a complimentary travel-sized Black Tea Quench mask worth $29. Promotion ends on Friday 26 July 2013.

Where to buy:
Suntec City Mall Tower 3 #02-079/081

And as for the eyemakeup, I decided to use eyeshadow to make my crease more obvious.
I also winged up my liner for a cat eye look. Fake lashes were put on, bottom lashes were drawn on.
I lined a white liner on my bottom lashline as well.

Eye makeup products used:
– NYX Bronze Smokey Look Kit
– Faceshop Lovely Eyes
– K Palatte Eyeliner
– TheStyle White liner
– Dollywink False Lashes

That’s all for my Twiggy inspired makeup look!
Let me know if you are interested in a pictorial tutorial! 🙂

PS: I didn’t win the award. But congratulation to  the winners! 

This is an advertorial review for Enavose 


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