OMY blog award Sixties Outfit

I love simple themed event!
This year round, the sixties theme is quite an easy one for me.
I decided on a green peter pan collar dress (thetinselrack) paired with mustard yellow wedges from Charles and keith,
and don on a polka dot hairband . Sis also wore her polka dot dress tied with pink sash at the waist and her mustard heels as well!
I lent her my pair of earings to match her outfit.

We kinda match each other’s outfit with our common poladot and mustard yellow. lol.
Oh and my bag is from Taiwan! =D

Sixties or not? Hehe.
I wanted to do a flip out hairstyle, but my hair is too long to do it. lol

Congratulation to all the winners on stage!

We had coke…nope, no beer. lol.

My twiggy inspired makeup. More about it here

We had fun at the photobooth station.

Lastly, a picture with the pretty bloggers Xiao Xin and Verlyn! =D

Cheers to many more blogging years ahead.
And thank you for all the inspiring people I met through blogging.


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