Review: L’oreal Men Expert

Occasionally I receive products for the MEN, so I usually pass them to my boyfriend. Here I have with me L’oreal Men Expert Volcano Red Foam Acne Deep Clear Solution and Hydra-Energetic Quench Max Ultra Hydration – No Shine.  The peeps from L’oreal were really kind to send them to me even though I didn’t have the time to attend their event.

Due to hormones and lifestyle, men are usually more prone to breakouts, and my boyfriend is no exception. I thought this product would suit him since it claims to deeply purges pores, fights pimples and prevent breakouts.

According to him, this product is indeed RED in colour that foams into white colour on the skin.
However, my boyfriend does not like this product. The smell is overpowering for his liking. Although his skin does not feel dry from the facial wash, he finds his facial oil secretes faster.

As for the moistuirizer, he felt an icy cold feeling on the skin which is really refreshing in our warm climate. However, this product may not be suitable for sensitive skin as he felt slight pain when his skin is inflamed. The product is not oily and hydrates well too.

The L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Pure & Matte Volcano Red Foam retails at SGD10.90 and the Men Expert Hydra Energetic Quench Max retails at SGD23.90.

*Product is sponsored but all opinions are honest. 


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