My convocation. Graduation Day!

August 1. I graduated with a honors degree, landing myself in a job that has always been one of my aspiration. I wasn’t quite excited about convocation, after all this is my second convocation already (and we all know how boring it is to wait at the seat for your name to be called.) But I was still kinda excited to wear my motar board and also have my daddy here with me to witness her eldest daughter graduate with a degree. I’m pretty sure that’s every parents’ wish.

My daddy here with me. He’s the person who bathed, feed and drove me around ever since I was born. I can still deeply remember the times when I was just a seven year old girl, and my daddy would carry me every morning to the toilet and helped me get washed up and changed because I was too sleepy to do it on my own. Then he would drive me to school with his van. Now that I’ve a job, he’s also the one who drove me to work in the morning with his car. A father’s love is the greatest love on earth to me. 🙂

And then my cute boyfriend here at the ceremony as well. Besides my family, you are the second best thing that happened to me before I graduate. Hehe. The man who is always there to help me carry my things and go around taking photos for me. He always says I treat him like a slave (hahaha!) but deep inside, I know he dotes on me very much. And I always like how he would “accommodate” my height all the time. lol. He is also probably the only one who has seen me dance crazily (besides my sis). lolol.

Thank you for all these years being with me. You are my greatest pillar of support!

The other best thing that happened to me?
Definitely the friends I made in the university! 🙂

The girl who has the same chinese name as me. We have such affinity that we always get to work with each other for projects.

The crazy friend that make the group a lot more lively and fun!

The shopping Khaki and eating Khaki. Always enjoy impromtu outings with you!

The confidante whom I talk about everything under the sun with and the one who just clicked with me right from the start!

And of course there are many more (but my cam died so here’s pictures from my friends),

like Ling, who knows EVERYTHING about me and can share EVERYTHING with (even the way I sleep and look when I wake up. hahaha.) I remembered taking picture with her, but I’m not sure with whose camera. Can’t find! T.T

J, whom I gym and eat with, a person who’s always there to have fun with!

YL who keeps everyone on track all the time.
She’s always the one to be there to disseminate important information.

Honestly, never thought I would meet this bunch of awesome friends!
But I’m glad I did. 🙂

Four years of uni education, all just for this moment – the throwing of motar board high up in the air.

Your girlfriend has graduated!! 🙂

The ending is always a new beginning.
Convocation may have ended, but our ties and friendship will never be!


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