Beauty for a good cause

Buy beauty products for a good cause — Kiehl’s is collaborating with The Singapore Autism Association, to raise awareness and funds for the Autism kids in Singapore. Being in a relevant line, I came across a number of Autism Kids. These kids are special not because they have autism, but because many a times, they have a special potential in them awaiting for people to discover them. They are not everything like what others perceive them to be.

Quoting Michelle Chong, “My friend’s niece is autistic. Everytime I went to her house she would run around after her shower and wouldn’t want to wear her clothes, but she’s very good with languages. So I think it’s important to help all these kids because they’re all special in their own rights.”

And the reason for me to support Kiehl’s in this charity work is because 100% of the net proceeds  from their all time favourite Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque go to The Autism Society. A HUNDRED PERCENT. Now, that’s really something. They have also gotten celebrities to design the masque. So buyers will get a limited design masque while doing his bit for charity at the same time.

Design by George Young.

Design by Michelle Chong

Design by Jean Danker and Mike Kasem.

As an inclusive society, let’s not forget about these kids. They need our support to grow and they definitely can do better with less scrutiny from the eyes of people. Some of the autism kids I’ve met are really sweet kids actually.

This mask is suitable for deep cleansing purposes – it helps to remove debris, dirt and toxins that will cause clogged pores and also reduce the appearance of large pores.  (And I’ve tried AND LOVE IT.)  Three Limited Edition designs will be on sale from 1st July 2013 at $45 each. Get yours today! 🙂


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