Sweet as Chocolate

Attended Sweet as Chocolate K Palette Event held at Bliss House with my sister. I am so excited because of food and also the fact that K Palette is MY FAVOURITE EYELINER and EYEBROW brand. No really, I’m always all raves about it.

“Sweet as Chocolate” – as the title says, today’s all about the BROWN makeup as they are re-launching their Brown Eyeliner.
The re-launched brown eyeliner is even more smudge proof and tear resistant than the previous ones.
Honestly, I’ve used both their black and brown eyeliner before and while the black stays on pretty well, the brown isn’t that lasting. So I’m really hoping that the re-launched of their brown liner will be even better than before.

I’ve always love the brown liner as it creates a softer look.

Although that day, I wore my black eyeliner out instead. :p  Because like I said, it is more lasting.

Moi favourites! 🙂
Their eyeliner is easy to draw and brown looks really natural.
I love their eyebrow liner as they look more natural as compared to eyebrow pencil. Best thing? They last for the whole day, so you don’t have to worry about being eyebrow-less for the entire day. I’ve since then introduced this to many friends who are looking for a good eyebrow liner.

These poster girls are an example of the natural brown look which you can easily draw:

And they have the makeup artist flew from Japan to give us some makeup demonstration:

Look 1 : Sexy look. Noticed how she drew the eyeliner, such that the top liner and the bottom liner do not meet each other. This can extend the eyes, making it look longer than they really are.

Look 2: The sweet look, which make use of pink and brown eyeshadow.

My sis and me. =D She’s rocking her short cut, isn’t she?

We also had a go to do our own makeup on paper. lol.

Not a very good artist, a bit difficult to blend eyeshadow on paper. haha.

Close up.

K Palette Brown Palette eyeshadow.


The new formula:
– drys instantly
– strengthened resistance against water, sweat and sebum
– infused with beauty cosmetic ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid, Water Soluble Collagen and Swertia Japonica Essence) that takes care of delicate area around your eyes during application.

Makeup artist explaining the different eyeliner look.

Sis and her creation.

Everyone’s creation on the wall. Hahahha at the middle one with hair. very creative.

Receive a nice goodie bag from K Palette and took a few photos at the Bliss House because it is too pretty!

I enjoyed myself at the event! 🙂
Get urs today!

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner (Deep Brown) will be available at selected Sasa, BHG, Watsons Stores from August 2013 retailing at $19.90.

K Palette Real Lasting two way eyebrow liner – $23.90


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