The Peony Pavilion

As a graduate from Chinese Studies, I’ve read many beautiful stories. Once, I took up a module regarding Chinese Opera, and I had the chance to read about a beautiful love story performed in Kun Qu Opera named The Peony Pavilion (牡丹亭). This was written during the Ming Dynasty by Tang Xianzu. It is about a young woman who has dreams about a mysterious man at the Pheony Pavilion and yearns for him. She often went to the Pavilion hoping to meet the mysterious man.  Days after days, the mysterious man was nowhere to be seen and so she fell sick and passed away because of love sickness.

On the other hand, the man of her dreams about her too, and was told that their marriage was pre-destined. He also went to the pavilion hoping to find her. And at last, he met the spirit of her. He also agrees to bring her back to life so that they can live together. 

Aimer, a lingerie brand, has recently launched a new collection. It’s all about elegance and romance.

Inspired by Kun Qu masterpiece, Peony Pavilion, Love at First Sight showcases the mastery behind the
classical opera through the fine and exquisite embroidery that adorns each piece in this series. The colours
of this series – stone green and light pink – are also carefully picked out to depict the gorgeous Chinese
paintings used at the sets and beautifully powdered faces of the opera performers.
Perfected with innovative technology and craft process, this series epitomises the ‘East Meets West’ theme
that runs through the collection.

Prices of the bras run from $69.90 onwards. 

Aimer boutiques are located at the following locations:
 Takashimaya Department Store, Lingerie Department Level 3
 Vivocity #01-138/139/140
 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, #B1-148 (Opening in September 2013)


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