Graduation Photoshoot

The very first reason why I kept a blog, was to keep reminding myself about the happy times and forget about the times when things went wrong. Photos are a great source of memories and they will be deeply etched in the heart when they are paired with words.
I had a graduation photoshoot with my the girls in school and the pictures turned out awesome! Never thought these seemingly boring places in school can look good in pictures.

Here are some of my favourites:

Prior to the shoot, we spent some time preparing all the needed props for the shoot. Colourful signs, balloons, flowers, graduation bears and yadda yadda …

One of my favourite shot of us forming a flower when viewed from the top. Can you spot the flower?

Us strutting down the corridor like the girls from sex and the city. hahaha.

Possibly the best pantene commercial ever. We had to flip our hair a couple of times to get everyone’s hair flipped in the shot.

The bubbles made us a kid all over again. I wish there were more pretty pictures involving the bubbles. There were no pretty pictures of me with the bubbles. 😦

The jump shot is a must take! We all took out our heels for this shot. Feels so liberating without the heels.

These shots were not easy cos we had to walk on the narrow pathway and risk falling into the pond.

Of us throwing the mortar board high up in the sky. I love the sky. 🙂

And two solo pictures of me. 🙂

That’s us at our prime age.
The path was never easy but we walked on together.
Now, I’m just glad everything is behind us.
Started the new chapter for more than 2 months and let’s hope the future is gonna be smooth sailing.


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