High End VS Drug Store cosmetics

When it comes to cosmetics, do you often get the high end ones or just look out for the drug store ones?
Truth to be told, I love both the high end and also the drug store cosmetics. But I am also a believer that certain
good quality products come with a hefty price tag. You get what you pay for. And there are also some other cheaper
alternative that gives great effect, and even better than the high end ones. These, are definitely value for money.

Unless you put on makeup everyday, drug store products can still be an affordable and good option when it comes
to cosmetics. Do you really need to spend a $100 on a mascara that you barely use?  But if you do put on makeup
rather frequently like I do, then perhaps  you can always venture into the high end ones but make your purchases smart
and value for money.

So what should we splurge on and what should we save? 
Here’s my personal guide and view! 

1. Foundation 
Splurge. You apply this on your entire face. If you have sensitive and acne prone skin, you should really get yourself a good foundation. After all, a good foundation last a life time and can prevent yourself from all the unwanted breakouts and allergies.
Having used the drugstore brand such as Za, L’oreal and Revlon and the high end brands such as Estee Lauder and Chanel, I realise that the high end ones tend to last longer than the drugstore ones and the powder is always more finely mild even though I would like to think that Za already has pretty fine powder. As for liquid foundation, L’oreal is pretty light weight but does not last long enough and Revlon just has a pretty bad smell and bad packaging.

2. Concealor 
Splurge. I’ve tried concealer from Za,  K Palette, Makeup Forever and Mac and my favourite is the one from Makeup Forever. While shopping for concealer, I realise concealer from the drugstore brands have lesser colour choices and concealer from the high end ones have more selection. They even have concealer suitable for the different skin tone (cool or warm) which is great because the warm concealers tend to look yellow/orange on me so I love it when brands have more selection. Drugstore brand can possibly do the same in terms of coverage but they do not necessarily last as long. Makeup Forever really holds true to the name; it is the concealer that I would most probably go back to after I finish it.

3. Eyeliner 
Save. I’ve not spend a single cent on high end eyeliners just because I love my drugstore ones so much!
I’ve tried Maybelline, Herione Make, K Palette and Clio and need I say more? K Palette is my favourite just because it can last forever without smudging. It is also easy to draw and very pigmented. I’ve heard of high end brands that smudge so why splurge on them?

4. Mascara 
Save. Mascara has the shortest shelf life. They only last for 3 months and have to be thrown away lest getting an eye infection. Do you really want to get something that’s expensive and doesn’t last? I’ve tried drugstore brands like Majorlica, L’oreal, Herione Make, K Palette (no idea why I haven’t get started on Maybelline), and high end brands like Lancome, YSL and Dior. Sadly, drugstore brands fare so much better than the high end ones. Other than being unclumpy, the high end mascaras do nothing to curl and lengthen the lashes while my favourite mascara from Majorlica and Herione Make keeps my lashes fluttering the whole day without much smudging! And you know what girls? Just spend your money on a good eyelash curler that’s gonna save you so much time on mascara application.

5. Lipstick 
Well, you can save and splurge on this. A research shows that a woman consumes a large amount of lipstick in a life’s time. Unless you find yourself comfortable digesting those cheap lipstick made of weird ingredients, perhaps it’s time to invest in a  good lipstick.
I find that a good lipstick gives great pigmentation, is hydrating and moisturizing and last a longer time. Good lipstick also has a pretty look that you don’t mind taking out and do your touch ups in front of your friends. I love my lipsticks from Guerlain and Lancome. And although I do have  many other lipsticks from various drugstore brands such as Revlon and Etude House, I usually buy them because of the pretty colours.

Last, but not least, ALWAYS remove your makeup, no matter high end or drug stores makeup.
Invest in a good makeup remover! 🙂


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