Liese Bubble Hair Dye: Raspberry Brown

I am finally bothered about my faded hair colour and ugly black roots. Didn’t have the time to go down to a salon
for a hair dye, so I picked up the Liese Bubble Hair Dye from the guardian just below my house.

I wanted to go darker but not like totally black so I was initially deciding between Dark Chocolate, Elegant Ash and Dark Black Tea.
Then I chanced upon the new shade – Raspberry Brown and decided to try it! This is supposedly a brown hair colour that’s of a little purple tone.

I’ve previously tried the bubble hair dye in Sweet Pink and Antique Red. It was relatively easy to use them except that it is not as foamy as I wish it was. The new formula,  however, is more foamy and has less ammonia smell which is really pungent from the previous times I used.


This series of photos are taken right after my hair treatment over at Cookies n Creme Hair Spa Salon, so my hair is looking pretty good! (More on that next time, now just focus on the colour!)
I like this hair colour, just exactly the tone I want. Somehow it makes me fairer.

This time round I had quite an even hair dye probably because it is more foamy and I am more pro now. hahaha!

I didn’t quite get the purple tint when I looked at my own mirror at home. But when I was at the salon with the bright sunlight shining in, I could see the tint of purple. The photos also show the tint of purple so I would say the result is 80% true to the colour on the box?

This hair dye may not be the most moisturizing hair dye but it is definitely the most easy and convenient hair dye you can ever use on long hair. I think Liese Bubble Hair Dye is really good as a temporary hair dye fix till you get the time to visit a salon.


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