Review: Cyber Colours HD Aura Foundation Series

Hey girlies! I’m missing this space so much!
Today I’m back with foundation reviews from Cyber Colours sponsored to me by Sasa.
It is the entire series from Cyber Colours HD Aura. Once again, I’m not going to review the entire line, just the ones which I thought you readers may be interested to know about. Here I have with me their Gel Foundation, Skin Finish Powder and below their powder foundation.

From the name HD Aura, the things that immediately came to my mind was “flawless, perfect canvas, pores refining and good concealing power.”  And I guess I was right!
HD Aura Foundation series claims to use 360° soft-focus reflection technology, enabling the blurring and covering of pores and fine lines on skin in a second, delivering you an absolutely flawless base makeup glowing with ultimate radiance.

 Do they work? Let’s go check them out! 

I love their packaging. The Gel foundation comes in a sturdy glass pump bottle. It is kinda heavy and feels expensive too. So that’s a plus! Pump bottle is also very hygienic to use as all you have to do is just to pump them out. Easy to control the amount that you need as well.

I am using it in the shade 02 Natural. The Gel foundation comes in 3 colours: Ivory, Natural and Warm Beige.
The colours are slightly on the pale yellow side.

It has medium to high coverage and it is also easy to spread. It doesn’t look too greasy or matte after spreading it out. The difference of this foundation to the one that I’m using now (L’oreal) is that the texture is thicker and more sticky. I find that my skin is not able to breathe well whenever I use this foundation. This is the one and only reason that is stopping me from using the foundation. It does conceal my pores pretty well.

Their skin finishing powder comes in a pretty normal packaging, with a sponge in it. I am using it in shade 01 Lucent. They are available in two shades – Lucent and Natural.

I like that their powder has slight coverage and the powders are so fine that I wasn’t able to trace them on my skin.

It just feels like a second skin to me!

This picture was taken after using the Gel Foundation and the Skin Finishing Powder.
I remembered having a bad breakout that week due to my period.
This foundation was able to cover all my acne scarring and make my pores seem visibly smaller.
Well, it did give me the HD Aura effect like what they promised, but at the same time, I felt that my skin couldn’t breathe as it was pretty thick.

The next product is their powdery foundation which comes in a small white compact which makes it easy to carry it with me wherever I go.

It also included a sponge which was smooth enough for usage.

What’s worth mentioning about this foundation is the velvety soft texture. Unlike their gel foundation, this foundation glides on the face easily without me feeling like I have something on my skin. Unfortunately, this foundation only gives me light coverage which wasn’t enough for me especially during bad skin days.


Hope you like my review! 
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