Seche Vite Top Coat dry fast?

After a long period of not applying nail polishes, I decided to just pop into Sephora and grab some new polishes. I was rather sick of the colours at home and thought I would try something more interesting. I picked up China Glaze in Modify me and Seche Vite Top Coat.

China Glaze’s Modify me is a pretty blue that turns a hue darker after applying the top coat over. I love this colour as it compliements my skin while adding a little fun factor than the colours that I would normally use.

I wanted my nail polish to dry fast and to last for a least a week before chipping so the min I saw Seche Vite Top Coat, I thought to myself why not? This has been the most raved top coat on the internet and I cannot believe I have yet to try it. My only wish is that it doesn’t just turns out to be another normal top coat which I got from TheFaceShop. This top coat claims to be a dry fast top coat.

And true to its claim, this top coat is indeed fast drying. In less than a minute, my nail polish is dry. This was really really fast as compared to the other top coat which I have used. Also, it doesn’t create ugly streaks over my nail polishes. My nail polish lasted me for about 5 days before chipping. Not as lasting as I would want my polish to be though. Nonetheless, I am glad I bought this top coat as the dry fast factor has given me so much convenience about doing nails at home.


5 thoughts on “Seche Vite Top Coat dry fast?

  1. This is the best top coat I had ever used. You can check out Smoochiezz on facebook! They sell branded nail polish at low price! I often add on my stash from them! I can’t say they are the cheapest but they are definitely cheaper than sephora! πŸ˜€ (ie: china glaze / essie for $8 & seche vite for $10)

      1. I think they no longer mend their website for online shopping but their FB is still active. I normally drop them my order and do self collection at their own event booth (i guess you can request them the post by mail too, just top up the postage). If their event/warehouse is not convenient for you, you can look out for their John Little/Watson event but price is slightly higher.

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