Cookies n Creme for your hair

Located near Coronation Plaza is this shop called Cookies n Creme. And nope, it is not a dessert shop that sells your favourite cookies n creme milkshake; it is a hair care salon which specializes in hair treatment. Firstly, the name already sounds so yummilicious that I wondered how it would “taste” like. Secondly, if you are looking for a quiet place away from the city, then you probably should come here as it is rather peaceful without the bustling sounds of the city. Thirdly, this place just feels like a home to me. We were told to put on a pair of slippers before entering. And the whole design of the place just makes it seem so relax, cosy and interesting. I really love the paintings of the trees and the bird cages.

Fortunately, the prices are also affordable!

I was doing Butter-Me-Up hair treatment that targets frizzy manes. Oh I love the hair massage. Admist the busy schedule, time should be made to pamper ourselves.

See my sis is also enjoying the massage!

Steaming of hair for the hair treatment to be more effective.

My sis and I had a great time with the lady boss at the salon!

Frizz-less hair for the day. 😀

Here’s a good deal for my readers. 

Get your BFF along with you, and get 20% off all hair treatment. 
There will also be a 10% off For first timer who wish to come alone. 

 6466 0072


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