My first Yoga experience

Was invited by Street Directory to try out YOGA at space & light studio.
Erm…I was abit nervous, abit scared and abit apprehensive about yoga.
Cos I am not very sure how far can I go with my stiff bones.

According to the instructors over there, there’s no specific meaning to yoga as everyone’s definition is different.
BUT IT IS DEFINITELY NOT RELAXING. You will only feel relax, calm and rested AFTER the session, NOT DURING the session.
Yoga is about practicing the usage of our muscles and to me, yoga is about endurance as well cos we had to hold the pose for quite some time which gets daunting for me. But I guess with a few more practices, things are just going to be easier.

I decided to go because I want to try. Well, I’m always game to try. =p

I love the environment over there. The studio is spacious with greenary everywhere outside the window.
There were no air-con in the studio. Basically just us, the instructors and the fresh air! It is well-lit by the natural sunlight as well.

In my sports attire. All ready to hit the Yoga mat.

Erm…apparently it was quite difficult for me as I cannot remember the names of the yoga poses and I had nobody to follow in front of me if we turn side ways like this. hahaha.

But not to worry, the friendly instructor always walk around to make sure we are doing things right.

Just when I thought I had open my legs wide enough, I was told to OPEN WIDER. OMG…really that 1 hour was tiring.

We also made use of the yoga bricks to remind us to use our muscles.

The instructors also gave encouragements from time to time.
She is constantly checking on me and asked “Vivian are you okay?”
Nearing towards the end of the session, she also encouraged me by saying “Vivian you are better now! You know how to use your muscles now” and that to me was a great leap of faith for me to join again next time.

We were also taught to do handstand! That’s Rusty smiling while doing the handstand.
I tried too! It looks scary at first but definitely not that scary once you tried.
It was relatively easy with two other friends supporting you. The ones who are tired are the ones supporting you. =p

The last pose was essential according to the yoga instructors. We had to rest on the mat, close our eyes and relax. Ahhh, that’s when you feel the calmness and relax.

And after the session, I went to take a quick shower before meeting my friend. Oh I love the convience of not bringing my own towel and basic toiletries. You can get shampoo, conditioner and also body wash in every cubicle.

Also, hair dryer is provided! How convenient!

What makes Space & Light Studio different from the gym yoga classes is that they specialize in Yoga. So you definitely get quality classes. They offer a variety of group, private and therapeutic classes in their large breezy studios to energise, challenge and uplift you. The bathroom are also huge enough!

Located near ION, this place is easy to reach by their free shuttle bus from ion orchard taxi bay.

308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park,
Singapore 247974
+65-6643-0550 , +65-9691-7828


ALL MY READERS get to enjoy FOUR FREE CLASSES over 2 weeks (1st timers only). Just quote “YOGIBLOG6″ to enjoy the privilege. This is available till 30 November 2013.

If you have not tried Yoga and wish to find out if it is for you, just go ahead and try the free classes now! No harm trying!

For more information, check out their website here and their FB page here

Recommended attire: Tights and tank tops.


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