New haircut!

Hi girls!!
I just made an exciting change to myself!! I CUT MY HAIR SHORT! That’s like the first time in many many years. I have been thinking about chopping my hair off for a really long time but didn’t dare to do it because I was afraid my wavy hair texture might be really difficult to manage after a cut. But the other day, I just couldn’t care less and book my appointment to cut my hair at Shunji Mutsuo 313. Note: I paid for my hair cut. This is nowhere sponsored.

Eddie Yan was my hairstylist for the day. I prepared a picture in advance to show him what I want and also to seek advice from him. After looking at the picture, he told me that I will have to straighten my hair to get that effect. But I didn’t want to, so I just told him to work with my hair texture. He analyzed my hair for awhile (afterall this is the first time he is dealing with my hair). Then, he took out a Jap hairstyle book and picked a hair style for me. I agreed on and I’m definitely happy with my hair!! He also told me that I would just need to blow dry my hair myself with FINGERS. I can also use a straightening iron if I want but permanent straightening is not recommended cos it will be too stiff and straight to work this hairstyle.

Okay so the very next day I tried to style myself. It was pleasantly easy to do so with fingers! Definitely don’t look like how it was done at the salon, but my wavy hair texture made the hair looks good naturally. I don’t even have to perm the ends in or anything to achieve that jappy effect. Definitely worth every penny spent there.

Short hair makes me look more stylish and fresh. Time to redefine the old wardrobe with my new hair.
I reckon I will keep it short for awhile.

Top: F21
Pants: Giordano 
Heels: Charles & Keith 

Met up with Flowers and we had a whale of time trying out many pasteries and tea. Theme of the day: WEAR THAT PANTS.
The girls definitely rock it.


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