Get the most discounted price from Daily Vanity

You know what are the things that inspires me to continue blogging despite working?
It’s the beautiful bloggers. Most of them are not only beautiful physically, but they are also very inspiring and successful.
They made me feel that no dreams are too big to achieve.

And so here we have Kristen from Beautysorority setting up a beauty website ( Daily Vanity ) together with her partner, Keith.
In this website, you can expect to find out latest beauty information in town, as well as little tips and tricks to make yourself beautiful.

Also, they have launched an e-store where you can get luxurious brands of products at the most discounted prices!

Recently, I was invited to attend the launch of their e-store but was unable to make it due to work. Kristen was nice enough to mail me these pretty nail stickers as well as a discount coupon for me and my readers.

How cute isn’t it?

In fact, before I even got invited, I’ve already bought something from the store!
Here’s my trusty Avene Facial Spray for just $12 instead of the usual $20. Every purchase is also accompanied with a handwritten note telling how you can use this wonderful product.

From now till 31st October, just keep your eyes open on their flash sale.
Quote vivianism to get 10% off your purchase at Daily Vanity Shop.


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