Review: Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream

Growing up means more stress and more responsibility. The other day I was having a chat with my sister about how people’s life reflect upon their face. When one feels stress and burdened, it shows on the skin. Tired, swallow skin, and also, not forgetting wrinkles and fine lines. I think I know how some people manage to keep their youth and look young. They must have a high stress tolerance or that they are using some magical cream.

Kiehl’s super multi-corrective cream is an anti-aging moisturizing cream that

  •  corrects the most visible signs of aging
  • Lifts, firms, sculpts contours and smoothes skin
  • Clinically proven to significantly improve skin
  • Paraben Free, Fragrance Free, Safe for sensitive skin

My thoughts:

I have been using this as my night cream and it does a wonderful job in keeping my skin hydrated all thanks to its fragmented hyaluronic acid that helps hold moisture. The beech tree extract also helps keep the skin’s firmness and plumpness. Jasmonic Acid also aid in skin repair. My skin heals relatively fast from all the breakout.
The cream is smooth for easy application and that makes massaging the skin easier. It can look slightly greasy on the skin, so I avoid using it during the day time. Skin feels soft, plump and smooth after application. I do feel that my laugh lines were a little less obvious after using the cream. If you are looking for a basic anti-aging night cream, this can be your best bet.

Price: $90 

*Product is sponsored but all opinions are mine and honest. 


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