Get Korean Beauty Products at 40% cheaper

Cheers to another new launch of Korean Beauty Online Store! With Beauty in the Eyes, you can expect to see Korean Beauty Products retailing at 40% lesser than their retail prices! That is why I love online shopping. You can always count on them for the cheapest deal.

Currently they have brands like Laneige, Missha, Saem, Sulwhasoo and Tony Moly. If you are a fan of these brands, do check them out.

At the event, we were grouped together for some games! These pretty bloggers were in my group!
Probably the last post with my long hair. 🙂

We had delicious tea snacks as well!
Omg I am soooo missing the food. =x

One of the game required us to promote the beauty product to our fellow bloggers. So here we have peeling liquid from Tony Moly.
My team member is so good at promoting the item! hahaha! Should have taken a video to show you all.

We were each given this pretty coin pouch and a mask at the end of the day.

Oh and I love this name card holder!!

You may also have the chance to get hold of these lovely jelly pouches simply by liking their facebook page here.
Private message them your name and mailing address so that they can mail it to you. *While stocks last.

Lastly, group pictures with the lovely bloggers!


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