Tutorial: Wrap blow dry hair technique

Do you have short or medium length hair? Want a quicker way to achieve professional blowout effect but don’t know how to work that hair brush and hair dryer?
Try this wrap blow dry method which I’ve discovered recently.

After the shower, apply leave-in treatment of your choice 10 mins before any blow dry session.
This allows your hair to fully absorb the treatment. It also acts as a heat protectant.

If I’m not in a rush, I usually leave my hair to air-dry by itself until it is about 70% dry before I work with my hair dryer.
If I’m in a rush, I would speed up the process by using hair dryer with medium heat and strength and make sure my hair is about 80% dry.

Now, here’s when you can start to use the wrap hair blow dry method. Brush your hair to one side with a paddle brush such that your hair wraps around your head. Attach a nozzle to your hairdryer and blow the air in the direction of your paddle brush to soothe the cuticles.

Constantly brush your hair while blow drying. Keep doing this until your hair is dry or until your arms feel like breaking.

Repeat the same steps on the other side. When you arms are tired, flip to the other side until your hair is completely dry.
Do the same thing with your fringe. It gives your fringe the extra volume you need.
Blast your hair with cold shot all over to lock the style in.

Comb your hair properly and adjust the shape accordingly.
Your hair should be straight and smooth. If you have waves, you should be able to get a big C curl around your head.

Use a good hair dryer with heat and strength setting. A good dryer should also have a cold shot button.
Keep practicing until you get the hang of it.

Hair is definitely smoother and curls in the direction which I want.
I also do use round brush sometimes. I might do another tutorial using round brush next time.


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