Cafe spotted: The Tiramisu Hero

One of my favourite thing to do is to go Cafe hunting! Have heard about The Tiramisu Hero for quite awhile as it was opened by a blogger, whose blog I often read. I really love eating Tiramisu and wondered how this little cafe would fare in the making of Tiramisu.
Right outside  is this beautiful shopfront with a rather cute font that says The Tiramisu Hero.

The interior of this cafe looks quite cosy and makes you feel at home right away. I was there with two of my good friends. 🙂 Nowadays, it is not very easy to ask my friends out as we have really different schedules. But I’m glad I still have friends with pretty similar schedules and that makes it easier to ask them out for food or drinks.

So how does the food fare?

I had this savoury creamy salmon with mash potatoes. Granted, this dish doesn’t look appealing at first sight but omg, just look at that FAT SALMON!! That’s lots of Omega 3 there. It tasted good! At the end of the dish, I couldn’t quite finish eating the mash and got a little sick of the taste but as a fish lover, I don’t mind having this again the next time.

Two of my friends ordered Bangers Sausages with Mash. I had a bite and it tasted pretty good with the mash. But I guess its the same problem here. The food doesn’t look that appealing and you will get sick of the taste after awhile.

As for drinks, I ordered Ice Mojito Tea which has a little mint plus citrus taste to it.  I love this drink!! It’s so refreshing and tasted pretty unique. My friends ordered Ice Lychee Tea which tasted pretty plain so they asked for sugar syrup to add more taste to the drink.

Because we were so full from the food, we ordered only a jar of Tiramisu to share.
It was good but I think I tasted better ones before.

Lastly, nobody gets out of this cafe without getting a picture like this!
Sometimes an OOTD doesn’t requires your head to be visible. =p


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