Mild Mild Peel Facial (for the busy women) with KAE Clinic

I had a conversation with my friend some time back. She told me that she is rather lazy when it comes to skincare so I was rather curious how she kept her skin so clear and smooth. She said she go for facial every three weeks and it is a very important skincare regime to her. I agreed. She probably have some good genes to thank but unlike her, I also have to be really strict with my daily skincare regime as I get congested pores and pimples easily. Facial is also a very important part of my skincare regime.

However, not everyone likes to go through the torturous pain of manual extractions every month. I must admit, extractions are really very painful. Sometimes I even tear when doing extractions. In addition, not everyone has the luxury of time to spare when it comes to two hours of facial. In the midst of our busy schedules and needs, do we have a facial that takes lesser time, cleans well and less torturing?

So I was invited by KAE Clinic to try out their Mild Mild Peel Facial. I will explain that in a bit. KAE Clinic is newly opened by a Medical Doctor Dr Israr KJ Wong and famous celebrity stylist Addy Lee.

The whole place is very clinical looking yet comfortable. I was ushered to their waiting area upon arrival and the place looks cosy with a mini fridge and handphone charger compartments where you can charge your phone. How thoughtful!

The room that I’m ushered to consists of a simple bed, some facial machine (no idea what is it called. opps) and the necessary solutions needed for the facial.

Mild Mild Peel is the latest medical grade facial in Seoul. It is a standout with its triple therapy of suction cleansing, deep hydration and collagen production. They used products mainly from Dr + LAB.

The process of the facial goes like this: 
1. Removal of makeup
2. With a suction tip, exfoliate the skin, unclog your pores and deep-cleanse your skin (esp those stubborn blackheads)
Infusing the skin, through the clean open pores, with nutrient solutions to hydrate and tone the skin
3. Applying DR+ LAB Biopepta Revitalizing Collagen Masque
4. Applying of usual skincare and DR + LAB sunblock

The KAE therapist is very gentle with my skin and makes me feel comfortable there. She carefully used the suction tip to go over my skin twice for thorough unclogging and deep cleansing process. There is no pain at all. In fact, it feels really comfortable as tiny water droplets form on the skin. This also prepares my skin for deep hydration through the open pores with 3 types of nutrient solutions, so that the deeper layers of the skin can be reached.

The masque also helps to stimulate collagen production.

This Medical-grade Facial is suitable for all skin types and is perfect for busy working adults who are too busy to have a steady skincare regime. It is highly recommended to be done weekly for the best skin maintenance.

Here’s my bare skin after the facial. Skin looks refresh and hydrated even without makeup. With hydration,  pores are seemingly smaller! I have very huge pores to begin with.
There is no redness, no pain and no downtime at all! 30 to 40 mins are all you need for a medical grade facial like this.

You’d also be glad to know that KAE clinic offers aesthetic treatments such as botox to slim the square jaw and fillers too! Nowadays getting botox to slim the jawline and chewing muscles are so common. I didn’t take it up as I’m pretty comfortable with my face shape. After assessing, Dr also agreed my chewing muscles aren’t big too.

For me, beauty is really about how comfortable you are in your own skin. Since I’m pretty comfortable as what I am now, I don’t feel the need to take up aesthetic treatments as of now. If you are facing problems and don’t feel good now, maybe you can consider taking non-invasive treatments like botox or fillers. If anything, go for a consultation first. I am sure Dr can give you the best advice in that aspect.

As of now, I’m more interested in “upgrading” my skin texture and quality. So I will always be on the lookout for that aspect. And I think Dr can help me!

Lastly, here’s a picture of me (after facial) and Dr Israr KJ Wong…(Hmmm do I call him Dr Israr or Dr Wong??!)

Readers of Vivianism will be quoted special privileges for the treatments. Do go for a consultation with Dr Israr KJ Wong to find out more.


KAE Clinic
9 Penang Road, Park Mall
Singapore 238459

T: 68832519
F : 68832756
W :
FB :


5 thoughts on “Mild Mild Peel Facial (for the busy women) with KAE Clinic

  1. Thank you Vivian for this highly informative blog post! I am glad you did our Mild Mild Peel medical facial and I hope your readers will get to discover the wonders of this medical facial too ! =)

  2. Hi Vivian,
    did you purchase any products from them? How much did u spend on the products? Im planning to try the treatment but want to be “mentally prepare” the amount needed :).

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