A great week spent!

Last week was an eventful week!
Went to Gym again with my Gym buddy Joanne after such a long time of not exercising.
Before I went on the track mile, I have very little hope of me running past 5 mins. But on the track mile, I kept telling myself that it is MIND OVER BODY MIND OVER BODY. You know, I just kept chanting to myself and I did it! Completed 15 mins of run on the track mile and 5 mins of walking.

After the Gym, we went to have K lunch!! It’s been awhile since we last sang in KTV.

Xmas came early for my BF! I customized a mug online with his favourite drawing. He called it the 无敌猫 invincible cat. His mum said his drawing is ugly. HAHAHA. But I thought since he likes it so much that it is his instagram DP, I shall get this for him.

He loves it the minute he unwrapped his present. You should take a look at his surprise and happy face! :>
I was laughing along together with him.
The BF says this is his best present of the year. Aww…

Last weekend I went to Batam with my secondary school girls ~
It was a great 2D1N as we catch up with each other’s life as well as get ourself a nice Aromatheraphy Stone Massage at First Choice Spa. It was an awesome getaway!!

Had alot of Kueh for free but didn’t manage to eat them as we were too full frm our lunch.

We stayed at Harmoni Hotel and it was really huge and grand!

The beautiful corridor.

It was a pleasant stay there except that there is no hair dryer!
I can’t live without a hair dryer nowadays.

We ended the trip with Seafood Dinner but it was not a very satisfying meal though.


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