First eyelash extension: Novalash from Lolita

About two weeks back, I went for my first eyelash extension from Novalash by Lolita Group. I paid $38 for the Groupon deal instead of the usual $159. I didn’t hesitate to get the Groupon not just because it was cheap, but because I’ve seen bloggers raving about how natural looking their eyelash extension were.

Located at Marina Link, this place looks small but comfy and cosy. It is a little princess looking and definitely a place for the girly girls.
There was a waiting corner so I sat there browsing through their magazines while waiting for my turn.

The girl who served me was gentle and polite. However, I felt that they did not give a proper introduction of their products to me. Had I not read about them on the Internet, I would not have known about the benefits of Novalash. Perhaps there were too many customers so they don’t really bother explaining.

She told me that I can choose from Natural 10mm lashes or 12mm lashes. I didn’t know what to choose so I took the Natural 10mm lashes.  I wish they can provide me with some pictures for reference.

Here’s my before pictures. Frankly, my lashes aren’t very short, but they are sparse and light. It is not visible when I open my eyes. I usually have to use my mascara to darken and elongate the lashes so as to make it seen more visible. I hope that by doing eyelash extension, I can skip eye makeup on a daily basis.

And lo and behold …. my after pictures!!

After 45 mins, my lashes turned fluttering ….in a good way of course!
They are so natural that I don’t even look like I have eyelash extension on. It is just amazing!

The whole process was a relaxing one. They even applied eye mask before they start doing my lashes.
Throughout the process, I do not feel uncomfortable or any pain. It is just a feeling of someone touching my lashes, that’s all.

The thing about Novalash is that they used a special glue and carefully stick the lashes onto each of your lashes.
They don’t stick it on the roots so you don’t have to worry about your eyes going bare after the extension drops off. The extension will drop off together with your own lashes.

My makeup looks good even without any eye makeup. Now I have one less step for my makeup! Just imagine the amount of time and effort I can reduce for 3 to 4 weeks! And really, my eyes don’t feel irritated nor do I feel something on my lashes. It is that comfortable!

Even though the eyelash extension looks so good, it is still difficult to upkeep them cos it’s really expensive for something that only last less than a month. Also, I have to be really careful when removing my makeup. (cannot use any oil base makeup remover on the eyes cos it will weaken the bond, causing the lashes to drop faster.) I haven’t been rubbing my eyes ever since I’ve got the extension cos I’m super paranoid and conscious about my lashes. Well, not that it’s a bad thing.

For $38, this Groupon deal is worth it! Also, Lolita Group did not hardsale anything to me too. Thumbs up.
But they are super packed so it is not really easy to book an appointment.

Marina Link Marina Square Unit B1-12 (Tel: 6338 9981)


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