Review: Is Beauty Blender worth the cash?

There are many tools that you can choose from to do your base makeup flawlessly.
Some people opt for brushes and makeup sponges while others opt to do it free hand.
I enjoy doing my makeup with my free hand, however I cannot deny that tools give a more even and flawless finish.

Just recently, Japalang Pte Lte sent me some Xmas gifts which includes three beauty blender (pink, white and black). If you have not heard of beauty blender, it is basically a makeup sponge in the shape of an egg. It has a broad base and a pointed tip.

To use it, I apply some Rachel K CC cream on my skin and then blend it out with the beauty blender’s broad base.
The sponge is really soft to touch so I don’t have to worry about the sponge tugging my skin. It also gives my skin an even finish that bare hands may not be able to achieve.

Use the tip of the sponge for harder to reach areas such as the under eye circles as well as the nose area.

If you have blemishes, use the pointed end and the stipple and twist technique to work makeup into depressed areas of the face. The stippling and twisting action feathers out the makeup’s edges, leaving a perfect finish.

Why use Beauty Blender over other makeup sponge?
– Softer to touch
– Easier to blend into an even finish and does not leaves streaks
– Does not soak up as much product as a regular sponge
– Reduce time in dealing with BB cream, CC cream, liquid foundation and even concealer
– A good shape for every part of the face

Why I don’t like it? 
I am always quite lazy when it comes to washing sponges.

Vivi’s Rating:

– Selected BHG stores & Sasa
PS: If you have a beauty junkie friend, get beauty blender for her this Christmas!
Beauty Blender Candy Cane Collection is a complete trio of beauty blender sponges; the original pink, the pure white for sensitive skin and the newly launched black pro. All three Beauty Blenders are latex free, non-allergenic and odour free, whilst the pure is also colour free.


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